Am I Facing a SLAPP?

Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) are a form of legal harassment aimed at intimidating and ultimately silencing those that speak out on issues that are of political or societal significance. Slapps affect journalists, activists, academics, and civil society organisations, but this tool is specifically aimed at helping journalists to understand whether the legal threat or action they are facing might be classified as a SLAPP.

This assessment is intended as a helpful tool and not as legal advice.

The questions asked in this assessment are based on research carried out by Index on Censorship into how SLAPPs against journalists most commonly manifest themselves. If your answers coincide with the most common symptoms of a SLAPP, then you are more likely to be told that you are facing a SLAPP. For example, journalists facing SLAPPs are more likely to be sued individually, even if they are employed with news organisations. Therefore, if you indicate in the assessment that you are being sued as an individual, you are more likely to be told you are facing a SLAPP.